change is constant.
dreams are real.
living is beauty.

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beautiful architecture allowed us to create this complex white-palette interiors in an exclusive island within miami Beach.

art is everywhere, and furniture must be also be art. pieces were designed to set a tone inside this collector’s home. empty space was our biggest asset. carefully curated in every way and full of custom pieces of furniture, this lavish space was created to disconnect from life in your own private paradise.

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a home to entertain guests and live contemporarily in beautiful Coral Gables, Florida

we created a house with few doors where the spaces could blend into each other in order to make this home a great space for fun and entertainment. carefully managed to keep a clean language within the furnishings and the custom pieces, which were created to blend into the background and have a presence at the same time.

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designed for relaxed living with top comfort and the best view of talamanca bay in the spanish island of ibiza

we worked on this amazing space in the beautiful island of ibiza, located within the mediterranean sea. serene, quiet and ready for one to enjoy the textures and natural materials woven together in the furnishings for maximum living comfort.

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my purpose is
to create deeply
personal and
peaceful homes.

juan poggi

in all my years of working in the design field I have come to understand each client as a unique universe, and each project as a lesson in communication.

i carefully observe and try to understand how objects are collected and gathered: how humans populate their homes with them.

are homes nests, comfort zones, or both? they are certainly temples, dedicated to items gathered through travels, or made-to-order pieces.

i am often asked if interior design is an “a priori” process. my answer is always i don’t know. It isn’t until i see the space through the client’s eyes that I can begin to formulate the design.

each project has its own vibrancy, and an individual color palette. that is something I must first capture in order to move forward.

each project is finished with an individual piece, a gift of sorts, created specifically for the space being conceived, and left behind to be enjoyed.

i am influenced by travelling and exploring—it inspires me and supplies my imagination with scenes that in turn enrich and expand my design vocabulary. some places are serene, others are loud and full of musical complexity. that also informs the spaces we create.

i view each design project as a group endeavor. everyone involved in the undertaking is a creative collaborator: client, designer and craftsman alike. we are therefore all part of one team.

i see my design process as both simple and complex: a series of fundamental moves, and direct communications that come together and allow me to create a home.

our team

juan poggi
maria gabriela rojas montes de oca
rosmina di bartolomeo
our team
juan poggi
maria gabriela rojas montes de oca
rosmina di bartolomeo


2030 south douglas rd. suite 120 coral gables, fl 33134

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